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Inspiration Abounds; Design Tips from Expert Erin

Tuesday Nov 17th, 2020
olena shmahalo PryftW9H81g unsplash

The humble houseplant is fast becoming the must-have buy for our homes.

With the increase in popularity in holistic living, plants are playing a larger part in the design process.  Besides being an inexpensive way to add a pop of color, “living” décor also helps improve air quality, absorb harmful chemicals, and regulate humidity in the home.  Plants are also believed to make people more creative, productive, and reduce stress.

Being that there are so many options to select from, you’re able to have fun with it and make it your own.  Look at your plants as a form of art that you place as vignettes on shelves, in corners, and spaces where there are natural gaps. Hanging plants can draw the eye up to create focus at different heights.  Also, keep in mind the lush look that you can create by layering your foliage and incorporating textures.  Mix it up with different size containers to create a small, medium large look.  Or go with the tried and true method of odd numbers to help create interest.  Use groupings of three, five, or seven items to create a cohesive look.

Check out your local flower market, take a nature walk, or comb the beach for inspiration. If you’re anything like me (and can’t be counted on to maintain your “living” décor), try silk flowers, driftwood, or even stones help to achieve your look without the responsibility.  No matter what greenery you decide on, plants are a relatively inexpensive way to decorate, and hopefully, clear the air of toxins at the same time.