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Andrea's Interior Design Gallery


Love Where You Live

Andrea's Interior Design Gallery

Erie, PA

Are you OVERWHELMED with too many choices?

Don’t worry -- we will guide you! Having helped so many clients over the years, we’ve developed a step-by-step decision making process that makes your kitchen or bath remodel EASY and FUN!

Is it FRUSTRATING to find what you want?

Our resources are vast. Additionally, being small allows us the flexibility to work with new and innovative products for your kitchen or bath. Remodeling with us is EXCITING!

Have other experiences left you DISAPPOINTED?

You’ll receive quality work for a quality price, and we’ll show you how every aspect of your project adds up. You get to decide how and where your dollars are spent. And you’ll be THRILLED with the results.


Meet  the Team

Our Professionals 

Each client we work with becomes, for a short but intense time, a huge part of our lives and we theirs. Because we’re a smaller design business, our clients get to interact with all members of our team, each of whom has a special area of expertise but also wears many hats.

Our clients get the personalized attention they and their project deserve, and our team never loses track of the goal -- your dreams at your budget in a timely manner.

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