Our Process

A kitchen is not just a place that needs to be filled with cabinetry, it should be designed to be as functional for the user as possible. Everyone uses their kitchen differently. As individuals,  we typically adapt our cooking style to the cabinets in our space, but what if it could be the other way around? We like to design for your lifestyle first, and the space second.

Our 5 Step Process

During the initial meeting in the store, we’ll provide you with an overall understanding of our services. At this time, you’ll select the cabinets, door style, species, countertop and features that you would like.

Next we’ll determine your needs. How do you use your kitchen? What are your physical characteristics and cooking habits? This is important, and a step that’s often overlooked by other remodelers. Think about it. If you’re tall, it’s difficult to stand at a shorter counter to work. If you’re shorter, it’s difficult to reach high cabinets. Why should these elements be there if they’re not useful to you? It’s your kitchen. It should work for you! The same goes for the jumbo state-of-the-art super range. If you are primarily a microwave chef, it’s a waste of money, but if you cooking extensive, elaborate meals, it’s a godsend.

Our Interior Designers will begin to design your space after we determine what you need and want. We will create multiple three-dimensional drawings and illustrations of your dream kitchen with the appliances you have selected. We follow certain design principles and elements, consider ergonomics and make sure that the space available isn’t wasted. After we determine what you need and want, our designer will begin designing the space.

At this point, it’s up to you to approve the kitchen design and layout with preliminary pricing, or determine any modifications that need to be made. We’ll present you with a selection board and you can evaluate the design based on space usage and elements.  We’ll present you with the preliminary pricing on the project.

Final drawings and three-dimensional illustrations are created to fit within your budget and details like hardware, flooring accents, lighting, paint color, and window treatments are finalized. Once the order is placed, the designer will coordinate all of the loose ends for you by scheduling the arrival of all the cabinets and coordinating a smooth and clean installation.

Payment Policy

All Special Order Materials 
Paid in full at time of order

1/3 due upon order, 1/3 due upon start date, 1/3 due upon completion

Complete Project* Payment Option 
50% down upon order, 40% Upon delivery of cabinets/Materials or labor begins (whichever occurs first), 10% due upon customer satisfaction.
*A complete project is considered a kitchen or bath that includes purchase of cabinets, countertops and flooring with installation for all items.

Our payment policy is dictated by the Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act and industry standards.