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Interior Design Packages

Interior Design Packages

Most people enthusiastically dive into working on their space only to quickly realize that there are so many, tiny, endless details!

“Where should I put the sofa?” “What table looks best with my new kitchen?” “I can’t find any art that I like for that wall.” “Why can’t I find a light fixture for my foyer?”

The answer to all your questions? Call Andrea’s!

Not only do we offer accessories, finish selections, space planning, and one-on-one consultations, but we can also help you shop for everything from the larger pieces of furniture to the art on your wall and the pillows on your sofas.

Andrea’s Interior Design Gallery offers several options for all of your Interior Design/Styling needs. An initial consultation fee is required for all options, and additional time may be billed as follows: $75/hour for out of office time, which can include at home consultations and selection assistance at a secondary store; $50/hour for in office time, which can include product research, phone calls, and emails. Hourly fees are chargeable by the half hour.

Interior Design


Our interior design service is perfect for local clients who are looking for a whole new look for a space in their home (not to exceed 15’ x 15’). Your personal consultation will include up to 2.5 hours of in-home design advice, and assistance in choosing all items necessary to help you create your new look including furnishings, home décor, artwork, lighting, paint colors, window treatments, etc. A custom Proposal for your project will also be included. An initial fee of $350 will be required for this option.

Interior Styling


Our interior styling service is available to local clients who are looking for fresh ideas for their space (not to exceed 15’ x 15’) using their EXISTING furnishings. Included is up to 1.5 hours of in-home styling assistance focusing on new accessories, artwork, and 1 paint finish for your space. A custom Proposal for suggested artwork and accessories will be included with your initial fee of $150 for this option.

Idea Board


This option will provide you with an inspirational collage of recommended pieces for your space which will include furniture, artwork, accessories, window treatments. You will then be able to purchase pieces at your convenience from any retailer — This service includes 1 hour of in-home consultation and in-store design time necessary to complete one idea board (revisions not included).

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