You can’t paint that!

Posted: October 6, 2014 11:58 am

You’ve probably heard it before.  Maybe you wanted to paint that “some assembly required” desk from years ago.  Or you moved into a new house and wanted to update that honey oak home-center special vanity cabinet that the previous homeowners installed.  Let’s face it.  There have probably been plenty of times you wanted to paint something and thought, “Too bad paint won’t stick to that.”  I’m here to let you all know, not only can you paint that, you can make it look awesome.

So about six months ago, my parents began the search for new bedroom furniture, and that search came to a grinding halt when my Dad decided that after 45 years of marriage, he wanted to have an opinion.  Keep in mind, my Dad was raised with 3 sisters, no brothers, then got married and had two daughters, no sons.  Even the cat was female.  Living life without an opinion was his coping mechanism; camouflage, if you will. Think about it, in a house with 3-4 women, there is no safe time of the month to have contrary point of view. Needless to say, Mom was a little more than surprised to find out that instead of a pliable “whatever you think” husband, she was shopping with a guy who thinks the ideal bedroom suite is black lacquer with brass accents.

Fast forward to last week , they STILL cannot agree on a bedroom suite, yet they are continuing on with the rest of the redecorating in their bedroom.  New paint, new carpet, new bedding, window treatments on order and then they’re going to take the same sad, one year younger than me, paper laminated, first generation particle board furniture and put it in this entirely new room. Not exactly the transformation Mom was looking for.

Of course, Andrea to the rescue! Not really, it’s really Fusion Mineral Based Furniture Paint that did all the rescuing. I said, “Hey Mom, seeing as you’re going to have the furniture out of the room anyway, let’s paint it with that new paint I have.”  Of course, she said, ” You can’t paint that stuff, it’s that shiny paper crap over particle board.”  Well, we’ll see about that.  This paint is supposed to be amazing, let’s test it.



So yeah, the paper laminate finish has seen better days, and there were more than a few spots where the fiber board had exploded, but the good news is, it can’t possibly look worse when we’re done with it.  The first step is always to clean the piece.  Who knows what kind of cleaner or wax buildup might be on it, so a degreasing cleaner is what’s needed. After that, we decided to use a 220 grit sandpaper and just rub it over the surface a little.  What we did really didn’t qualify as sanding.  However, in those exploded areas, Dad did take a palm sander and get is as level as he could with the original surface, not much more we could really do with that.


Then, we just went to it.  Dip brush in paint, apply paint to surface; that simple.  We were using a bright white over a fairly dark color, so it took a few coats, and there were a few strange spots that kept wanting to bleed through, so I used a little of Miss Mustard Seed’s bonding agent, straight out of the bottle, to seal those areas and then re-coated.  Worked like a charm.  So now, with some inexpensive new hardware, we have a livable bedroom suite. Very few brushstrokes, and unlike many other mineral based furniture paints, there is no top coat required.  It dries quickly with a low sheen finish that would make any piece of furniture look new again.  See?

Before and after



Although, my parents continue to hunt for the perfect bedroom suite, they can now rest comfortably knowing that the rest of their efforts aren’t ruined by that 30+ year old crap they bought at a discount furniture store’s going out of business sale.

So next time you look at a dingy piece of furniture, or even cabinetry, that you need to throw out because “you can’t paint that,” think again and call me to get a little Fusion in your life.


Stay tuned for more Fusion Mineral Based Paint transformations (I’ve got about 6 pieces in my garage calling my name), but in the meantime you should know…

You can’t have everything… where would you put it?” ~Steven Wright